Are My Fermentation Temperatures Off?

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This has been bugging me the last few days.  A couple days after my last brewing day, I went out to talk to my carboy to see how things were going.  There were no bad smells coming from the airlock (always good), but my fermometer strip was showing about 68F!


I have my temperature controller set to 62F.  Why such a huge difference?  Is this why my last beer tasted more like alcohol?

First, I thought, “Is my temperature controller wrong?”  I checked the temp of the inside of my chamber and read 63F, around the middle, so that wasn’t it.  Next, I went inside to research my question.  Usually I find the answer pretty quickly if I search with the correct keywords.


Exothermic – a chemical or physical reaction that produces heat.  All those yeast doing work cause an exothermic reaction increasing the temperature of your wort between 4F to 8F!  WTF…

I was still under 70F so I wasn’t too upset, but in true Steve fashion, I felt I needed to fix this ASAP.

Do I buy a new temp controller?  Am I measuring my temperatures correctly?  Do I need to measure INSIDE the wort?  What if I introduce an infection?  I NEED TO SPEND MORE MONEY NOW!

/calming down…

Well, there isn’t much to do now that the temps have evened out between the chamber fermenter.  I was thinking about getting this thermowell for measuring the actual temperature of the wort, but the probe end of my temperature controller is too wide…  Oh well.  I will have to just lower my temperatures the first few days of fermentation and raise it up a little when the yeast wind down.  No need to buy a new temperature controller just yet…


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