A Great Hombrew Grain Mill for 99$ Shipped?!

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I finally got to use my Cereal Killer grain mill this week and I am very pleased!  A grain mill for just $99.00 AND free shipping to the US made this purchase way easier.  It appears to be the same mill that other online homebrew shops are selling for more.


Lets start with the base.  The wooden base has a decent weight to it that helps keep the mill on top of the bucket. This is also assisted by some wooden pegs on the bottom that prevent the mill from sliding back and forth when you are milling.  I found that if I just pressed my hand on bas while milling, it easily stayed in place.  TIP: Read the insert in the box after your mill arrives.  The mill is shipped with the base installed upside down so the pegs do not get damaged during shipping.



The rollers are heavy duty and the rolling is very smooth. The width of the roller gap can be adjusted with the knobs on both sides of the aluminum body.  You must adjust both sides by loosening the two eye bolts, adjusting both knobs, then re-tighten the two eye bolts.  You can lock the eye bolts in place by tightening the screw against the roller body.  I “eyeballed” my gap to be about 0.030″ by setting the mark on the knob to just above the 0.025″ mark.



I made a 1 gallon, all grain, Pliny the Elder clone from the recipe I found in this HBT post.  I used BeerSmith to scale the recipe down from 5 gallons to 1 gallon.  The grain bill was about 3.5 lbs so it easily fit in the 7 lb hopper.  I don’t have a drill powerful enough to run the mill, but the handle worked great.  I think it took about 2-3 minutes to grind it down by hand.  It took no effort, the rollers worked very well and they ate through the grain easily.  My only complain right now would be that some grains will sneak by on the outside of the roller body through the corners of the hopper where I put the red circle:



Only a few grains got through but it was noticed.

Overall this thing is great.  The price is right, shipping is free, and it is easy to set up and use.  If you are looking for a grain mill and are intimidated by the high prices some of them fetch, I would consider this mill.  I don’t know how much better an expensive mill performs because the Cereal Killer grain mill did the job well.  Cheers!


Here is a few more photos for you:





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