I’m the type of person that wants his questions answered as soon as possible when it comes to thoughts or new hobbies.  Right now there are not many places online that I visit regularly for my home brew needs except for the links below.  If I find that I am starting to frequent a new site, I will add it here:

– If you are interested in what I used to make my mash tun and hot liquor tank, here is a list of the parts used.

– The Home Brew Talk Forums : whenever I have a question I cannot find with a search, I go here.  Just remember to be very specific if you are asking one because most of the first responses are questions themselves.  I usually find a few answers here before I need to ask one.  My Profile

Beersmith :  I visit this site to look at the uploaded recipes others created to get an idea of what flavors work well together.  I have not been on the forums much so I can’t say how helpful they are.  I also like listening to most of his podcasts while I’m driving instead of the radio.  He also posts them to his youtube channel.

BrewWiki :  If you are new to home brewing and are unfamiliar with some of the terms, I will be linking to this site so you can become familiar with them.

– I am trying to learn more about brewing water.  I downloaded the spreadsheet from Bru’n Water and will be referring to this video on how to set it up.  If you are interested in getting your specific water profile, Ward Labs seems like a good place to get your water tested.

Adventures in Homebrewing They have excellent deals on everything homebrew.  They have free shipping on recipe kits and starter kits, AND they have a rewards program!  $10 gift card for every $200 spent.