Updated: 05/05/2016

Here is the list of the parts I used to build my MT/HLT (I no longer use the HLT cooler, I use my old SS kettle with a heating element and a temp controller):

– 2 x 5 gallon cooler from Home Depot.  I chose this one because it did not have the logo on it.  I now have a 10 gallon cooler I got from Lowes.  I chose the Lowes one because of the color (blue) but I didn’t realize that the lid was press fit instead of screw on so I have a problem with 10 gallon batches over 1.060.  I would just go and get an orange one with the screw on lid but it works and my next upgrade will someday be an insulated stainless MT.

– 2 x 1/2″ NPT Ball Valve Stainless Steel 316 – w/ Red Handle

– 2 x 1/2″ Male Hose Barb Adapter Stainless Steel 1/2″ NPT

– 2 x Stainless Steel 304 Close Nipple 1/2″ NPT Male, 1-1/8″ Length

– 2 x Weldless kit  Comes with the silicone washer, nut, and SS washer.

– 2 x Stainless Steel 90 Degree Elbow 1/2″ NPT Female I cut this at a 45 degree angle to prevent my BIAB bag from getting sucked into the orifice in my MT.  I no longer use this piece.  I noticed I had a bazooka tube laying around and started using that instead.

316 Stainless Steel Flat Washer 15/16″ ID, 2″ OD (Pack of 5)  I used this on the outside of the coolers between the valves and the cooler.

– 4 ft White Silicone Tubing for the HLT and 4 ft Beverage Tubing for my MT.  I have no real reason to buy two different types so you could probably just buy the beverage tubing and be fine.  I did want the clear tubing for my MT so I can see when it was clear.

– 1 x Nylon Extra Large Straining Bag- 2′ x 3′ BIAB I chose to go with the BIAB bag because it is initially cheaper than a false bottom (maybe if I go through three of these the false bottom is cheaper?), plus I liked the idea of being able to lift the sack to drain some more and for cleanup.  I do to use a BIABag anymore in my mash tun.  I didn’t like cleaning the bag, so now I just carry the grain to the dumpster, dump the grain, and clean the tun.  I had to clean the mash tun anyhow so the bag added an extra step.  I have no problems using just the bazooka tube and I didn’t even have to adjust my crush.

Here is the video that got me going on this.  Again, I use the bazooka tube instead of the SS braided line.