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Here is a few of the main pieces of equipment I am currently using to brew.  I do 5 gallon all grain batches using the fly sparging method.  As I get more brews under my belt I will lock down my equipment profile in BeerSmith so I can get the most out of my grains.  I had a measured efficiency of just over 90% on my first all grain batch and would like to keep that up!  The grains came pre-milled in the kit.  I emailed Brewer’s Best to see how they milled them so I could try and repeat that with all my grains but I was told it was proprietary…  Oh well.

Here is a list of the parts used to build the MT/HLT

Ok, so for my hot liquor tank (HLT) and mash tun (MT) I converted some 5 gallon rubbermaid beverage coolers by adding stainless steel ball valves to them.  Click here for the video I used to build them.  I did not use the braided stainless steel hose for a filter.  Instead of the hose, I decided to use my Brew in a Bag (BIAB) bag as my filter/false bottom for easy cleanup and some money savings.  I do not have a stand so I just set it up in the kitchen counter and a step stool to make it a three tier system.  Inside the MT I cut a stainless steel 90 so the bag of grains would not get sucked into the opening and stop my sparge.  All-Grain setup ImageUploadedByHome Brew1413128531.173442

I have a 8 gallon stainless steel pot and spoon for my boils.  The wort is boiled using a Blichmann floor burner.  I’m loving this burner.  I was using a burner from a turkey frying kit and I was having to re-light the thing about 10 times per 1 hour boil session…  I was going to look into purchasing a new kettle with all the fixings but I think I want to invest in a wort chiller first.  Cooling the full batch in an ice bath did not go to well this last time.

Pot and SpoonIMG_1949


And last but not least for this post I have my bucket heater (its cheaper on amazon if you have prime) and 2 carboys.  The bucket heater I picked up at Tractor Supply Co, and it worked out great.  It did take a bit longer than expected to reach my target temps so I will have to maybe boil a little water and add it to give them a boost, but it saved on propane and I was able to do all of this indoors so I am happy.  I ferment in a 6.5 gallon glass carboy and secondary in a 5 gallon glass carboy.  I like the buckets too, but they carboys allow me to see what is going on in the fermenter whenever I please.  bucket heater carboys

Next up I’ll show you my fermenting chamber and keg system.  See ya

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