My Keezer

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Ok so for now, this is my keezer:



For now, because this will be my temporary keezer until I finish building my Mother of All Fermentation Chambers I found on this page.  I built the collar but have’t got around to finishing the upper half because my only woodworking tool is a circular saw and this was my first woodworking project.  I’m SLOWLY building up the confidence to finish this thing, the only reason I bought the circular saw was just for this!  It turned out very square and fits on top of the keezer nicely:




Right now I only have one faucet which is connected to my All Amarillo Pale Ale and I have just a picnic faucet and pigtail connected to the Brewers Best Brown Porter I brewed before.

The pale ale was just registered for the Great Arizona Homebrew Competition for the purpose of getting feedback.  I am looking for off flavors that a professional taster can pick up.  to me, this beer is very refreshing and is easily a session ale.  My plan with the results is to direct them a little to see where I can improve my process.

A hole has been drilled out already for another tap, but those things aren’t cheap!  If shipping wasn’t so crazy, has one on sale for $29.99 but the shipping jacks it up to the same price as my LHBS (where I bought my first one because I need things NOW sometimes…).  Luckily, Amazon has the same one for around $32 with the handle and shank AND AmazonPrime (free 2 day shipping!) so it looks like I’ll be ordering the next faucet from there.

The third keg sitting to the left of the other two is some StarSan I have mixed with distilled water so I have it on hand at all times.  I just need another pigtail to dispense it when I need it, but for now, I am just siphoning or pouring out what I need.  There is a spray bottle hiding in the house that was supposed to be used for some easy access to some sanitation, but I cannot find the damn thing. - Absolutely Everything! for making your own beer at home.

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