Spent Grains to Dog Treats?

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Before I researched ideas for what I could do with my spent grains, I only knew of two different things I could do with them: feed it to chickens or throw them in the compost pile.  I have yet to start a compost pile so cross that off the list, and I don’t know anyone who owns chickens!

The easiest answer for me was found with a simple google search.  This eventually led me to this post over at homebrewtalk.  Dog treats made from spent grains?  Perfect!  I have a dog too, so this was a great idea.

The recipe was very easy.  Spent grains, flour, peanut butter, and a couple eggs. Easy.

Here is my final product:


dog treats2

The dog enjoys them.  She doesn’t go bat nuts crazy like when she is given one of those bacon treats, but she still seems pretty stoked.

I still had a load of grains even after I doubled the recipe size so I saved about 8 cups in the freezer.  Maybe I’ll make more dog treats? Maybe some bread? Then, there is this page…  I don’t know if I want to get that crazy with them, but its good to know there is more to do with our home brew waste.

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    Robert S

    Save some of those spent grains for me.

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