What is next?

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Heres what I am planning for upcoming posts:

Im out of beer.  Whats even better is I have this recipe kit I purchased for half price a few months ago that I am excited to brew.   It is a Brewer’s Best Brown Porter.  This will be my first attempt at brewing will all grain so I can’t wait!  That will probably happen in the next few days.


I have my equipment in a little storage closet to I will be working on showing you all my current gear and talk a little about it all.

There was a great post on the HomeBrewTalk forums about marking the inside of your keg.  I bought everything I need to make this happen so I want to share that with you all.

I just received this new book about malt.  I believe this book will help me understand malts better so I can brew better beers.

Looking forward to my next brew.  Cheers!




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